11 keyword research tools give you 0 competition of a keyword

Keyword researching is the main function of being a successful SEO expert. The person who is expert in keyword researching is called a proper SEO expert. Keyword research tools are those, by which any kind of keywords and marketing campaign ideas can be found. There are thousands of keyword research tools in the world. But I’m discussing about 10 most effective keyword research tools which are very beneficial to be an SEO expert.

11 keyword research tools might be much more helpful

Google suggestion keyword

Whenever you open Google in browser you get to see am auto suggestion box where you can research whatever you want. Google suggest other related keywords you are looking for which might searched by others before. Google suggest only relevant keywords to people which works 100% of time. It is indeed the best search engine of the world. 


Keyword Planner is a search engine or search network which helps to produce or get different keywords and ideas online. It is best for advertisers to expand their networks by catchy keywords through Keyword Planner search network campaign. It has few benefits such as getting relevant keyword and ad ideas and allows you to use search volume to decide right keywords.


Keywordtool.io is a very famous keyword searching tool. It helps to find keywords that a user is searching for and suggest many other keywords related to that keyword that is being searched. It is done online and it is for free. You can get 750+ Google Keyword suggestions by searching keyword in Keywordtool.io It is very reliable and works 99.99% of the time.

Keyword Explorer

Moz is a multitasking online keyword tool. Moz helps to search unique and beneficial keywords by its search engine. Moz is also helps to learn free SEO tools. By activating Moz, you will get to see the PA(Page Authority) and DA(Domain Authority) of every web page, which helps to select a keyword which has a good number of authority. Moz gets you to find 10 most valuable contents in every two weeks.


Keywordseverywhere is a very helpful keyword research tool which is combined with another Keyword Research tool name ‘Ubersuggest’. As other keyword research tools, many useful keywords can be gotten from this online website. But the thing which makes it different from other keyword research tool is, it has a location/country button by which you can get what country people searching for what. It also helps suggest keywords related to your requirement.


Longtailpro is the easy way to find the best keywords. Longtailpro will help you and suggest you to find many of the keywords which ranked high on Google. You you input a keyword to get suggestion, longtailrpo measure the metrics and the competition for the kind of keyword you are looking for. Then they suggest you many related fresh keywords which are competitive and have high authority.


Keyword revealer is the ultimate Keyword intelligence tool. You have to create an account before signing in to this website. Keyword revealer helps you to find the effective and longest keywords with showing the rankings of the keyword. Keyword Revealer is a paid keyword research tool. You have to buy this software or you can get free trial for seven days.


Ubersuggest is a keyword suggestion tool. It helps to find effective keywords that people are searching for. One can quickly find a keyword from Ubersuggest just by inputting the keyword in the ‘suggest’ box. By doing that, ubersuggest will suggest many of the keywords related to your desired keyword. You can take your keyword research to the next level with many ideas of keywords for SEO, PPC and Content market campaign.


Answer the public is one of the biggest keyword research tools in the world. Unlike any other keyword research tools, it have a difference. In other research tools, you will get keywords by typing a word or sentence. But in Answerthepublic is one level ahead. You can find keywords even if you type an alphabet. Suppose you have typed ‘a’ in the searching box. Answerthepublic will show the relevant keywords related to ‘a’. Apart from keywords, it also works for answering SEO, PPC based questions which are very helpful.


Keywordspy is a unique keyword research tool than any other research tools. It is used for getting different type of keywords and many kinds of marketing ideas. It works as a spy. You will get to know what kind of keywords that your competitors are looking for. It will help you more to search a better keyword than your competitors.


KWFinder is a long tail keyword research tool which helps to find or generate keywords which are long. You can find specific long keywords from KWfinder. Suppose, a Phone purchaser is looking for phone in his budget, he can search “Buying Samsung phone within $500”. KWfinder helps to find this kind of specific and long tail keyword from this.  You can find trend, search volume, CPC and difficulty level from KWFinder which helps you to know your competitors.


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