5 Easy Catchy Headlines Writing Tricks And tools

Some great Ways Catchy Headlines Can Make You Rich. To be honest, From the following facts about catchy headlines everyone thinks are True. Into this article, I will show you how to write eye catching heading for the visitor. Most people put headline on the backseat when it comes to their blog article. But, in fact, a good headline is crucial to any successful blog post. Because of heading of an article, you lose too many visitor. To be honest headline is really important and there is a change of people reading your whole article.

How to write title for blog post

I want to go through few heading tips to making your heading stand out.

01. The number headline:

That is called number headline tricks. Basically, the human eyes are actually drone to number. At all time, we are into the internet and that’s why number is easy to consumable and digestible. Now I am going to give you some easy example that will make you clear.

  • 3 secret ways to get good lover
  • 16 off page link building strategy will give you better SERP on Google.
  • 7 reason why you should start drinking alcohol’s.

From the following keyword will help will help to make eye catching number heading for your blog post.

  • Ways
  • Ideas
  • Secrets
  • Tactics
  • Tips
  • Methods
  • Strategies
  • Formulas
  • Reasons
  • plans

Let me give you couple more example that make you clear. Now I will show you what you need to do and what you must avoid.

  • How to eat healthy
  • 7 tips to eating heathier so you can get that beach body
  • How to take good photo
  • 8 secrets photographers won’t tell you on taking stunning photographs

 02. Cynical headlines:

This is another way to create catchy headlines. This method is call Cynical headlines method. Form the following psychological tactics is applying into the cynical heading method.

  1. This method evokes strong emotions
  2. Play of readers fear of missing out
  3. Show them something they should know but don’t
  4. Provide value of the readers.

Some example of cynical headline method will help you about them and how they work.

  • 8 lies people have told you about writing heading
  • How to be smart in a world of dumb golfers
  • What experts don’t want you to know about eating too much meat

03. The ultimate guide/ List method:

This is another method and that is called ultimate guide or list method. The reason ultimate guide or list word because you making big promise inside the article, you gona provide values of content. Here is some sample what I mean.

  • The ultimate guide to 100000 blog visitors
  • The ultimate list muscle Building exercises
  • The ultimate method to landing a job at Google

Find out what the things that matter the most to readers are then write heading around that.

04. Interesting word using method:

Try to cooperate from the following interesting word into your title. That is another way to get effective title for your blog post.

  • Fun
  • Exciting
  • Stunning
  • Free
  • Incredible
  • Amazing
  • Jaw dropping
  • Unbelievable
  • Mind blowing
  • Mysterious
  • Thrilled
  • Jealous

Some example might give you clear idea. That would be much more helpful tricks about interesting word using method.

  • 30 Amazing Marketing Tools, Tips & Tricks
  • 29 Free Online Design Tools for Creating Stunning Visual Content
  • How to keep your sex life exciting

 05. Tools and website method:

If you not able to make catchy title for your blog post. From the following tools might be much more helpful for you. Portent will give you some idea about title. You just put your keyword they will show you some example of title. Trust me that is really easy and effective ways to get best title of an article.


I am also giving you some website from where you will get an idea about article and their headline. Try to find out more engage content into your niche from the following website. To be honest that is the great ways to make an effective title and you will easily get more CTR from them.


What you should not do:Now I will show you what you should not do in the headline. I am sure you will get some clear idea to create amazing title.

  1. Don’t make too long title
  2. Don’t make too short title
  3. Don’t do too complicated
  4. Don’t use boring word at all time
  5. Don’t make outrageous

I love bogging and want to contribute into this marketing industry. I am working SEO industry last couple of years time. To keep in touch with us and get some secret about SEO and online marketing. My name is Molla basar; a 33-year old SEO geek. My personal blog is my business.

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Suborna - 5th September 2019

That is one of the best article about title. Title is very important to get high CTR and CTR is is one of the most important tricks of better SERP.


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