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Hi, my name is Molla basar; a 33-year old SEO geek. Basically, my blog is all about SEO, Internet Marketing & Web Hosting. I am trying to collect some link building list that is still effective for every website. I’m a primarily a technology enthusiast, also love to run with Google. I believe, I’m quite knowledgeable about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), WordPress, Blogging, and Inbound Marketing.

Molla Basar Blog

To be honest, what I found is the way to live from the Internet, making enough money online to lead a comfortable life in Bangladesh! Trust me if you want lead freedom of life start doing online Business. I am dam sure search engine optimization is the best way to make money online.
I have been with Internet Marketing form 2012. Before doing internet, marketing I was not serious about my job. I always tried to find out better for me but nothing was perfect for me. After couple of years I got my suitable working area. I love online marketing profession. Trust me I never feel tired working with my online marketing job. Every day I lean new thing that is why I love SEO. I worked for several dozen companies to increase their profit by implementing my marketing knowledge. Before I run behind money, now the scenery change money run behind me.
I complete my graduation from Bangladesh national university. After that I went to England as a student. I was being in UK from 2008 to 2011. After that I went France and stay there from 2011 to 2012. I came back Bangladesh in 2012 got some opportunity working with Taher sumon, Alamin kabir and others. I always love travelling, have a look some picture on that time.

I am molla Basar

I have some personal project and I’m working hard to make money by implementing my online marketing knowledge. I am also working for my loving client who are passionate about their online business.
As earlier I mentioned, I’m used to working hard because got BIG loop hole on the Internet to make myself millionaire. To be honest, I make a smart amount from online that enables me to lead a comfortable life here in Bangladesh.
To be honest, I’m now working towards making a 5-figure passive income in every month. There is an opportunity for you to generate 5 figure passive income in every month. I’m on the way of reaching my goal, and I want to share with you some secrets about off page link building, On page SEO. I will share with what’s working and what’s not and that might help you to reach your goal.
There are many more websites dedicated to cover website building, and business resources (Like NichePursuits, techtage, marketever, authorityhacker and EmpireFlippers). My website would be best resource about off page link building.

Some highlights about me!

I was working with Devsteam last 3 years (2013 to 2016) time who won Freelance.com SEO Award 2012 defeating almost 1500 SEO team around the world.

I have worked for more than 24 companies to rank them higher in Google.

Basically, I have worked with several dozen companies to increase their profit by implementing my marketing strategy.

I have a deep knowledge about on page and off page SEO

I love to play with Search engine

I know how to do branding

I’m active on Social Media Sites; Find me on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin quora and Pinterest.

I have also Facebook group from where you will get some great resource about online marketing.

Thanks for checking out my story, I appreciate it! If you would like to know more about me, please leave your message on mollabasar.com contact us page or email me at mollabasr2014@gmail.com. I try to reply every single email I receive, so mail me if you have any quarries. I always love your success and want to set up your online business. I think internet marketing is best way to get high volume target audience for your business. Thanks a lot, to keep in touch with me.

Molla Basar
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