Dokan multivendor plugin

Since the success of huge ecommerce multivendor websites like Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, etc many future entrepreneurs like you are planning to create a multivendor website of your own.

Online retailers are at the moment searching for more new ecommerce platforms with high traffic but less competition to sell their products online. So, this is the right opportunity to invest in your own multivendor ecommerce site.

WordPress combined with WooCommerce is the best CMS to help you manage such huge multivendor website of your own. You can manage all your contents like articles, images, pricing tables, offers, etc everything in your WordPress site. WordPress allows you to use various kinds of plugins that will help you operate the website rightly. Plugin eases you from the difficulties of creating and managing a multivendor website by coding.

Mainly for building and managing a multivendor ecommerce website one of the most highly suggested plugin is obviously the Dokan multivendor plugin.

Now you must be thinking that…

What is Dokan?

Dokan is a multivendor plugin for WordPress. This plugin allows the vendors of your site to customize their ecommerce shops very easily without much hassle. It helps the vendors to manage their day to day sales, commissions, inventories, coupons, etc all using one simple hassle free interface. It is also one of the most secure plugin you can use on your website to keep the data of all the vendor’s stores safe from getting hacked or stolen.

Why Dokan is the Number 1 Marketplace Solution:

If you want your site to be the best experience for a vendor as well as a consumer then Dokan should be the first Plugin you should choose. It is undoubtedly the most powerful multivendor plugin ever created before. You can create a vast ecommerce website like Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, etc only in just 30 minutes using this highly exceptional Dokan multivendor plugin.

Whenever I talk about the Dokan plugin one thing that pops up in my mind is the well-off set of features built for the admin and the best of the best frontend dashboard experience. You can build unlimited vendor marketplace using this Dokan multivendor plugin and managing them all is also very much hassle free.

This multivendor WooCommerce plugin offers a lite free model as well as a premium one. The premium Dokan plugin is a paid plugin which will help you to extend the features of the plugin. There are also varieties of subscription plans suitable for all sorts of ecommerce businesses. Starting from small scale to large scale businesses can use their plans according to their needs. These are the plans of the Dokan multivendor plugin –

• Free – This is the free Lite plan with the most basic features like Unlimited vendors, frontend vendor dashboard, vendor withdraw system, 24/7 Support, etc.

• Starter – This is the starter pack for beginner level ecommerce business. The pricing for this plan is $149/ year. It has all the features of the free pack with addition of some special advantages like Commission Types, Powerful Reports, 1 Site License, 1 Premium Module, etc.

• Professional – This is the pack built for a growing ecommerce site which has higher chances of sustainability. The price for this pack is just $249/year. It has all the features of the starter pack and some extra additional features like Store Support, PayPal, Stripe & Moip, 9 Premium Modules, 3 Sites License, Seller Verification, etc.

• Business – This is the plan build for a big scale business like Amazon, eBay, etc. This plan costs $499/year. It includes all the features of the professional plan plus some other benefits like WC Booking Integration, Geolocation, Auction, 17 Premium Modules, 5 Sites License, etc.

Enterprise – Last but not the least is the enterprise plan. This plan is all you need to reach towards the sky with your multivendor ecommerce site. This plan has a price of $999/year. It includes all the feature of the business plan and some ultimate additional features like Live Chat Support, 20 Sites License, 17 Premium Modules, Priority Support, etc.

All of these exciting features and that too with a free plan is something no other Multivendor plugin offers. This is the sole reason I can say that Dokan is actually the Number 1 Marketplace Solution without a doubt.

Dokan Multivendor plugin Features and Review:

Easy Withdraw System for Your Vendors

Withdrawing money becomes very easy for your vendors through this plugin’s frontend dashboard. You can also setup the limit of withdrawal for your vendors. You can set the channel of payment for them and more using this lightweight Dokan multivendor plugin.

Control Who Sells and Who Doesn’t

As you are the admin then all the rights should be controlled by you right? This is why this plugin allows you to control which vendor can sell and who can’t in your site. You will be the controller of the vendor’s sales and earnings.

Frontend Dashboard for Vendors and Customers

An easy-to-use frontend dashboard is there that made the vendors and customers to access. The dashboard is beautifully managed by which you can get into the product inventory like orders, discounts, coupons, sales etc. very easily.

Marketplace with Independent Store

Dokan Multivendor plugin allows any vendor to customize its own shop online. It gives the vendor high support to get their required storefront just like Shopify, Amazon and eBay.

Increase brand Value with Product Review

Get your brand valued increased by the positive reviews of the products given by the other customers. It also helps to gain the trust to the customers.

Shipping Management for Each Store

Managing the shipping process for each vendor becomes simple using this Dokan plugin. You won’t have to worry about the shipping issues of the vendors. They can manage the shipping hassles by themselves if you just enable the Shipstation feature in your plugin.

Announce Important News Right in the Dashboard

The most creative feature of this plugin is that you can announce every important news and notices to all the vendors on their dashboard using the announcement feature of this Dokan plugin. You will be free from the hassle of knocking all the vendors personally to share the news.

Use any WooCommerce Compatible Theme

Dokan Multivendor supports any sort of WooCommerce themes for the ecommerce marketplace of the vendors. The vendor can choose any theme from WooCommerce which goes with the vendor’s shop. It also gives you a theme as a basic so that the vendor do not face much difficulty building its site.

Earn from Each Sale as an Admin

Share the success of each party by getting the commission. Every vendor will enjoy a fair commission on each sale. You can charge globally or special commission on a single product as an admin.


Hence Dokan multivendor plugin is truly the best plugin for any WooCommerce site that handles multiple vendors together. With the help of this plugin both the admin and the vendor can get detailed reports of the sales, earnings, inventory, coupons, etc. This is fully compatible with any WooCommerce wordpress theme. It also gives 24/7 support from The pricing is also affordable for any scale of business. Therefore Dokan is the number 1 plugin for multivendor management purpose of your ecommerce website.