Top 25 Free image Sharing Sites for SEO link building

In modern age, link is the best way to get better SERP on Google, image sharing sites link building opportunity is one of them. Sharing contents like articles, guest posts and blogs of a website are not enough to create a quality backlink in this digital world. Image sharing link building means sharing your unique idea on image and get backlink for your website. In general, image sharing is essential to create a backlink for a website. It is also called image directory which helps to goldmine high authority backlinks. A high quality and effective backlink can be created by sharing with multiple website. By creating backlinks from image, it will also help to get more traffic on a website. when a website shared an image to other strong websites, the high number of audience/traffic gets attracted by sharing image. This also helps to index any website’s post or page. Image sharing is also helps to create a brand of a website and gives recognition. Image sharing link building strategy has a huge scope of a websites to get a rank on Google. A website will get better SERP on Google search engine if the website shares relevant and great images to the right websites. PA (Page Authority) and DA (Domain Authority) plays important roles in gathering traffic through image sharing. If a website shares their images in websites which are have poor/less PA and DA, it would be hard to get quality traffic. Before sharing images, a website has to research about the authorities of the websites. They have to keep an eye which websites are having high authority. High authority means high margin of traffic. On Google, there are few sites which have high authorities.

Image sharing sites link building checklist

There are some websites which are holding high PA and DA with strong position in Google that helps to create strong backlinks and get more traffic to a website. Here, the list of 25 high authority image sharing websites are given below

  • Pinterest.com: Pinterest is one of the best image sharing sites, it is also favorite to me. Pinterest have 96 PA and 100 DA. Pinterest is the best website to generate huge targeted traffic.  Pinterest Last Updated May 17, 2017. Pinterest has 62 Global rank and 22 rank in united states.pinterest
  • Facebook.com: Facebook is most popular social media website. People also share their image on it. Facebook has high authority value, it has 97 PA, 100 DA. Facebook Last Updated May 17, 2017. Facebook has 3 Global rank and 3 rank in united states.


  • Instagram.com: Instagram is fully image based popular social media website. Kevin Systrom (@kevin) is the CEO and co-founder of Instagram. Instagram has high authority value, it has 81 PA, 98 DA. instagram has 18 Global rank and 14 rank in united states.


  • Flickr.com: Flickr is one of the best image management an sharing applications in recent world. About 13 million of images are shared through Flickr. It was founded by Stewart Butterfleld and Caterina fake in February 2004.


  • Tumblr.com: Tumblr. is another popular link building website which contains contens like article and blogs as well as image sharing. It was founded by David Karp in 2007. The authority value of tumbr. is very high.


  • Picasa.google.com: Picasa is a unique image sharing and image viewing application. It was released in October 2002 all over the world. Picasa has different versions for different operating systems.


  • Photobucket.com: Photobucket is an image based website where you will find many kinds of images and you can share as well. It has become a popular image sharing medium now-a-days. It is also a video hosting website. It was founded in 2003 by Alex Welch and Darre.


  • Smugmug.com: Smugmug is open for sharing both photos and videos to its websites. it is a big image hosting website in this date. It was launched in 2002 by its 2 owners Chris and Don MacAskill. This website holds a high authority.


  • Photo.net: Photo.net is a big platform for Photographers to get recognized and building links. It is an image sharing website which allows to share images and showcasing them. It is also a content based website where photographer will find many useful tutorials. It is engaging people around the world since 1993.


  • Imgur.com: Imgur is an Image hosting servicce which helps in image sharing. Imgur was created by Alan Schaaf in 2009 in Ohio. Imgur is popularly working as an image hosting website worldwide. Imgur holds a high authority in the world of image sharing.


  • Deviantart.com: Deviantart was created by Scott Jarkoff, Matthew Stephens, Angelo Sotira, and some other people (name not mentioned) in 2001. Deviantart is a stock photography website. It stock photos, artworks, digital arts etc.


  • shutterfly.com: Shutterfly is an image publishing service where people can publish their images for building links and to get recognition. Shutterfly was founded in 1999 in Redwood City California. Since 2005, the website was private. It went public on 2006.


  • Tinypic.com: Tinypic is operated and owned by Photobucket.com. It is an image and video sharing website just like Photobucket.com. It was launced in April, 2004 by the owner of Photobucket. You need not to have any account to share photos in tinypic.


  • Weheartit.com: Weheartit.com is an image based website which inspires photographers to share their photos and encourages them to showcase the photographs. It was founded by Fabio Giolito in 2008.


  • Imageshack.us: Imageshack is a subscription based image hosting website. Though it was free image sharing based earlier, later the owner made it subscription based image hosting website. It is mostly used for advertisement. It was launched in 2003 by Alexander Levin.


  • Imagevenue.com: Imagevenue is an image hosting website. It helps to share images to the website without any payment. It also stocks photos.


  • Imagebam.com: Imagebam is a website which works on free image hosting and photo sharing. It is mostly used for showcasing photographs and advertising the photos to the audiences.



  • Snapfish.com: Snapfish is also a free image sharing website. People can upload their photos free on this website. It was launched in 1999 by Rajil Kapoor, Bala Parthasarathy, Suneet Wadhwa and Shripati Acharya.


  • lookbook.nu: Lookbook is based on fashion photographs. It is used for sharing fashion based photographs like dresses, models. Stylist etc. It is mostly used by bloggers and vloggers.



  • webshots.com: Webshot is a website which is based on wallpapers and screensavers. You can get the variety of wallpapers and screensavers from webshots.com. It was created by Auralis in 1995 in San Diego.


  • Photoree.com: Photoree is an amazing image sharing sites which helps to share and explore different and interesting Photographs. People share different and new photos to this website.


  • Mixbook.com: Mixbook is an image sharing website which is internet based. It is basically a photo design tool. It helps customers to design photos, cards, canvas paints etc. for free. It was created by Andrew Laffoon and Aryk Grosz in 2006.


  • Photoshelter.com: Photoshelter is a reliable website for photographers to sell their photos. It doesn’t work for free but it provides 14 days free trial service.


  • Fotolog.com: Fotoblog is a photo sharing based blog. It helps people to share their photos and get photos from this website. Though it is a blog, it focuses more on photographs instead of text contents.


  • Picjoke.net/en: Picjoke.net is a free image editing application/software. It helps the visitors or photo editors to edit their photos online with their amazing tools. It is very much used by youth now-a-days.


When you will search for the high authority websites, Google will show you those site’s pages with specific parts of the websites. The backlink will result as a spam if you share images on low authority websites. So, choose the best sites for sharing the image.


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