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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. On-page SEO is the techniques which is being done in web pages to attain high rank on Google and earn traffic in search engines. On page SEO emphasizes on some factors that can be controlled and have an important effect on Web site or Web page ranking. Some important on page factors are important to get better SERP on Google, that is Page Titles, Meta descriptions, Meta tags, URL structure, Heading Tags, Keyword Density, Image SEO, Internal Linking, etc. If these factors are maintained skillfully, a web page can get good SERP.

on page SEO technicks
Techniques of on-page SEO
There are some on page technique are really important ranking factors for website. To be honest that will help us to get better SERPs on Google. The techniques are described briefly:

1. Crawl your website: Crawling any website means finding information about the website. After crawling any website, search engines index its information as URLs. Before starting SEO, it is necessary to take a review of the pages that are indexed by search engines by crawling your website. The more pages will be indexed, the more the website will be popular.

2. Do an SEO audit and define your Site architecture:
After crawling and indexing when you will have the basic index of your website, you must start to organize your webpages. It will be good if you define the individual locations of individual webpages on your website. Suppose a webpage exist in “About us” option, you need to mention it. You also may exclude or include any page, link or content. It will control improvement of your site.

3. Page title: Page title is the title of any individual page which must include keywords. It should be optimized very thoughtfully. Because it is the most basic and important factor which increases webpage’s rank. The more attractive title will give better CTR  and you will get more people visit on the page.

4. Meta description: Meta Description is the bunch of information which has been given below the link of search results. It mainly describes the content of the pages. So, the keywords and important information about the page should be added on Meta description effectively.

5. Meta tag: Meta Tag is one kind of coding statement which is used by search engines to index a page. It allows to find the information easily which have been searched by someone. So, in SEO it can be a good weapon to increase the rank of any page.

6. URL structure: URL or Permalink is the address of any webpage or resource. Every resource contains unique URL. It is also an important factor for on-page SEO. URLs can play a significant role by including targeted keywords. For example, mollabasar.com/post name would be best choose URL structure to me.

7. Tag optimization:
a. Heading tags: Heading Tags highlight different types of headings such as, main headings, sub-headings or many important points. It can be indicated by H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, and H6. H1 is the most important heading which indicates the title of the page. If headings are keyword rich, it will be more useful.

b. Image name & ALT tags: Image SEO is the optimization of search engines by images. Image can be a great way to get SERP on Google. Name of image should be keyword related. Other hand, the alt tags can be used on image. Alt tags or text describes the image and different function of it. It can create attraction of viewers to visit the site.

8. Keyword density: Keyword Density is a very sensitive factor. If keywords are not used in proper way you will not get better SERP on Google. To prevent it avoid repetition of any words and keep keyword density 2-5%. Sometimes keyword staffing also works but you have to make sure your page might be more engage page than another competitor. You have to use keyword density in natural ways.

9. Internal linking: Internal Links are one kind of hyperlinks which are from the same website or domain. The most important function of internal linking is that it can suggest visitors to visit other important pages of the same website. It is very helpful for the website ranking.

10. External linking: External Links are one kind of hyperlinks which are from the different websites or domains. Owner of any website can suggest their related or important pages or article to other websites by external linking. By external linking the owner will get outside viewers of their site.

11. Website design: Website design has great impact on SEO. Good and aesthetic website design can play a very important role on navigating your site. When a website is designed considering SEO strategies, the site gets more popular to viewers.

12. Google sitemap: Sitemap from Google search engine is called as Google sitemap. Sitemap is like an archive of webpages. It lists all individual webpage’s permalinks or information of a certain website. Sitemaps are normally used in websites so that the search engine crawler or spider doesn’t miss out any information or link to index.

13. Google analytics: Google Analytics is a web analytics service which is offered by Google. The function of website analytics is to track and report website traffic. It provides data about number of visitors visited, source of traffic, keywords etc. It will give an idea about the position of your website.

14. Google webmaster: Google Webmaster is a tool which helps to identify issues of your site and to let you know whether it is infected with malware or not. It also helps to monitor any website’s existence in Google search results. It is very useful for SEO specialists.

15. Optimize robots.txt: Robots.txt helps to prevent the crawler or spider from indexing any content which you don’t want to share. If you optimize the robots.txt effectively, it will help you to improve the ranking of your site.

Impact of Backlinks on on-page SEO:
Backlinks are incoming links of a webpage when the webpage links to any other pages. These are useful for off-page SEO. In case of on-page SEO, backlink is not an important factor. Some backlinks come from irrelevant and untrusted sources. These backlinks are called bad backlinks. It can keep a negative impact on your SEO. So, it is better to do on-page SEO perfectly and get better SERP on Google without backlinks.


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