Top 15 SEO Blogs need to read everyday

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been developed now-a-days. Old SEO is far different from new techniques of SEO. To stay updated with SEO you must need to study on new trends and techniques of SEO from different SEO sites. Here are discussed about top 15 SEO sites which have to be read in 2017 to stay updated with latest SEO.

Top15 SEO Blogs sites

Neilpatel is an online service provider which helps companies to generate revenue through digital marketing. It is named after popular blogger and SEO marketer Neil Patel. Neilpatel publishes many proven SEO techniques and tools. It has free SEO analyzer which generates a SEO report of your site. Neilpatel blog is full of very helpful information about SEO and other online services.

Neilpatel personal profile: Stay connect with nailpatel personal profile and get update latest SEO trends.

ShoutMeLoud is a blogger community which has about 1 million subscribers and more than 872,000+ readers. It provides tips and techniques to make money, online marketing tips, exclusive deals and discounts etc. It also provides the popular books “Affiliate Marketing Handbook” & “WordPress Book” written by the blog scientist Harsh Agarwal etc. Harsh Agarwal also wrote on Social-media, WordPress, SEO and Making Money Online which are very popular. All SEO articles of ShoutMeLoud are very informative.

Shoutmeloud social media page:

Harsh Agarwal personal profile:

Authorityhacker is one of the best sites of building niche sites. It teaches creating content strategically, promoting content in ethical and efficient ways, techniques to maximize traffic etc. It provides lots of strategies and information about SEO in details. Authorityhacker makes people learn about different kinds of apps which are very useful in SEO. social media page:

Gael Breton social media profile:

Kaiserthesage is a personal blog which gives concentration on SEO, Links & Web Analytics and Content. It provides inbound marketing and SEO services. It does technical on-site SEO audit, competitor analysis, keyword research, content strategy, market assessment, in-depth opportunity discovery and link profile evaluation. It is a great resource for on-site optimization. social media page:

Jason acidre personal profile:

Crazy Egg is the website which helps to optimize website known as The Daily Egg. It provides conversion rate optimization tips and trends to digital marketers, web managers and designers to get higher conversions. It also provides information about Marketing, Design, Copywriting, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Analytics etc. The SEO category of The Daily Egg Blog discusses about latest and updated trends in SEO, different factors which affect SEO and other important topics related to SEO.

Social media page of Crazy Egg: Neil Patel is the co-founder of Crazy Egg. let’s see their social media activities.

NicheHacks is one of the best resources on the internet through which people will get profitable niche market ideas.  It provides services like niche site building, Blogging, Affiliate marketing, SEO etc. It gives huge information on SEO like SEO guides, checklists, keywords, Backlinks, Tools etc. All information is described in details.

stuart walker










nichehacks Social media page and profile:

stuart walker five favorite blogs.

Backlinko is a great helper for SEO. It has been operated by a great SEO exporter named Brian Dean. Backlinko provides marketing strategies for professionals and entrepreneurs and proven SEO tips to acquire more search engine traffic. It is a popular website because of its actionable publishes and designs which provides more traffic, leads and customers. Social media page and profile:

Techtage is one the most informative sites on SEO. Excluding SEO it also provides information and service on Web Hosting, Amazon Affiliate marketing, WordPress and Blogging. It helps to learn about updated Link Building tools, amplifying strategies of content, techniques to increase search traffic by consistent blogging, effective content deliver etc.

Techtage social media page:

Rohit Palit social media page:

Matthew Woodward is a blog site which provides information of different online services. It posts about blogging, conversion rate optimization, Email Marketing, SEO, Social media, Tools and Traffic generation. In case of SEO, it provides SEO Case Studies, Tutorials, Link building posts, Free SEO tools. It is an award winning blog site.

matthewwoodward social media page and profile:

Marketever is an amazon niche site building service. It provides many strategies to make money by building niche site. It includes some services like Profitable Niche Selection, Complete Keyword Research, Authority Looking Site Design, Premium Logo & Graphics, High Quality Contents, Email Support etc. In one word, Marketever is a trustworthy service provider to build a site. It is a very helpful website for Search Engine Optimizer.

Marketever and alamin kabir social media page and profile:

Yoast is an online service provider which helps to optimize website by WordPress, blog posts, plugins, eBooks etc. It makes websites more usable, faster and reliable. It has blog which is especially for SEO includes Content SEO, Technical SEO, Usability & Conversion Rate Optimization, Analytics, Search News, Social Media WordPress, and eCommerce.

Yoast social media page:

jdevalk Yoast founder personal profile:

Moz is a big Seattle-based SEO consulting company. It launched the first Pro app in 2007. This company is a blessing for search engine optimizers. It provides resources, tools, paid services and education. Moz is one of the best sites for SEO. Its blog gives best advice, how-to, and research to enrich SEO and online marketing skills.

Moz blog social media page:

Rand Fishkin Moz founder personal profile:

Search Engine Journal is one of the most popular and high ranked SEO websites. It has about 900,000 visitors per month. It provides news reports, in-depth subject guides, informative and argumentative articles which are written by experts. It concentrates on SEO, social media, digital marketing, content marketing, and paid search. It also provides SEO tools and analytics.

searchenginejournal social media page:

Loren Baker Founder of searchenginejournal personal profile:

Search Engine Land is another big search engine blog. It is a New York based web consulting firm. It provides many advanced services like Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and paid search marketing. SEM is the process gaining traffic by purchasing ads. Search Engine Land specially provides tips, techniques, knowledge or how Guides for popular search engines Google and Bing. It also teaches how to do SEO, SEM, app indexing by mobile effectively.

searchengineland social media page:

searchengineland  founder Danny Sullivan personal profile:

Search Engine Watch is one of the best search engine websites. It discusses about the advanced techniques to develop the position in search engine. It also discusses about Search engine marketing (SEM) which has been very popular topics now-a-days. Search Engine Watch shares uploaded pictures & videos that have been made from conferences and connects with SEM experts worldwide. Danny Sullivan is also founder of searchenginewatch.

searchenginewatch social media page:


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