Top 16 Chrome Extension Must Have for SEO Expert

SEO is like a long journey. It has a massive area. Day by day it’s area is increasing and increasing. An SEO experts must have acknowledged about all aspects of technology. A techie person can reach the destination of this journey. To make this journey easier, there have a lot of ways and tools. Extension is one of these helpful tools. You may face a lot of problems while you will do SEO. You may solve these problems with extensions. There are lots of extensions in the internet. Sometimes, it has been difficult to choose which extension will be effective. To remove confusions, 16 top extensions have been shared here to make your SEO journey easier.

Top 16 Chrome Extension every SEO Expert

1. Mozbar Chrome Extension
MozBar is a free extension which is very helpful for search engine optimizer and inbound marketers. It provides several research tools like on-page access to Moz’s link metrics, site analysis tools etc. It is available for both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Installation process is very easy. You just have to click a button and it will be installed instantly. Users can search keywords with Mozbar. It skillfully generates user-friendly and informative keyword report. It also highlights keywords on a page according to types such as External, or Internal, Followed or No-Followed. Users can create also custom searches by country, region, city or engine. They even can access and compare link metrics across pages. You can instantly assess ranking possibility with Page Authority and Domain Authority. Mozbar is also able to export your SERP analysis details to a CSV file. New Search Engine Optimizers and SEO experts both use this extension.

Mozbar Chrome Extension

2. Nimbus Screenshot Chrome Extension
Nimbus Screenshot is an extension that can capture the whole browser window or a selected area of it. It also helps you to draw a picture or sketch a mockup. This extension is very easy to use. Nimbus Screenshot also includes full-function multi-purpose editor. By editor you can add various patterns, arrows, text and lines to your screenshot. You also can blur parts of your screenshot, resize and crop it. Nimbus includes sharing feature which helps you to send screenshots to friends, students, colleagues, etc. It is an available extension for Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera browser. It also works in android. There has an option to send your screenshot to Google Drive in Nimbus Screenshot Extension.

Nimbus Screenshot Chrome Extension

3. Pocket Chrome Extension
Pocket is an extension for Chrome which saves articles, videos and many more things. Sometimes it happens, because of shortage of time you have to avoid many interesting topics or videos. Again, any article what you wanted to read later has been lost. In these cases, Pocket Extension will help you a lot. You can save articles, images, videos through the Pocket and watch it anytime you want even without any internet connection. It also automatically syncs to your computer, phone or tablet. It is very easy to save any page by one click of the toolbar button or keyboard shortcut. While you will save any page, it will recommend related pages. This is very useful extension for all types of internet users.

Pocket Chrome Extension

4. Check My Links Chrome Extension
Check My Links is a chrome extension which checks links on webpages and represents their HTTP response codes. It helps web content editors to see which links are broken including reasons behind breaking and edits correctly. It highlights both valid and invalid links. Valid links can be identified by green marks and invalid links by red marks This extension is helpful for search engine optimizer, web designers, content editors, developers. Installation and using process of this extension is very easy. You can add it in your browser with one button click. To use this extension, you have to go to that page which you want to check. Then you have to click on the “Check My Links” button in the Chrome toolbar and instantly you will get the result.

Check My Links Chrome Extension

5. VidIQ Vision chrome extension
VidIQ Vision is a chrome extension which works as YouTube video optimizer. It is an excellent helpful extension. It is designed to give knowledge or information of behind all your favorite YouTube videos and provides huge helpful metrics. It helps you to know what the top creators do to increase engagement, drive growth and create viral content. It provides comprehensive optimization reports of YouTube videos on the browser. VidIQ Vision repots include vidIQ Score, Velocity, Average Watch Time, Social Media Likes/Shares/Comments, Tags, Words Per Minute, Description Link Count and Description Word Count. After watching the report VidIQ Vision will suggest what you should do or what not to make your video viral.

VidIQ Vision chrome extension

6. Wappalyzer Chrome Extension
Wappalyzer Chrome extension uncovers the technologies which are used on websites. It identifies CMS (content management systems), web frameworks, ecommerce platforms, server software, analytics tools and so many factors. Besides Google Chrome, it is also available in Firefox. Wappalyzer is capable of detecting 1,026 kinds of different web technologies. This extension collects data and information anonymously and organically and after processing make this data and information available. It also provides valuable suggestions for betterment. To analyze any website through Wappalyzer extension is very easy process. At first you have to add the extension in your browser (Chrome and Firefox). Then you have to go to the website which you want to analyze. After that, click the button of Wappalyzer extension from toolbar of your browser and start to analyze.

Wappalyzer Chrome Extension

7. Nofollow SEO Link Highlighter
There are lots of Nofollow links which are hidden in your websites. Sometimes it has been difficult to find them out. Nofollow SEO Link Highlighter is a Google Chrome extension which helps you to highlight Nofollow or follow links that point to any of your domains. You can use different colors for different kinds of link to highlight them. It also draws border around links. Nofollow extension only highlights links of that domains which you choose. You also can turn off or turn on highlighting anytime for any website. It is only available for Google Chrome browser.

Nofollow SEO Link Highlighter

8. Awesome Screenshot
Like Nimbus Screenshot Awesome Screenshot also is an extension which capture the images of whole browser or part of it. It is a high rated screen capturing & image annotation tool on Chrome. About 2 million people use this extension on their browser. It can store and organize your images permanently project by project. You may get point specific feedback on your screenshots. Awesome Screenshot allows you to add annotations, blur sensitive info, comments, and share with one-click uploads. You also can create lines, squares, circles, arrows and text in different color. You can share the images with your friends and can send it to google drive. It is a great way to communicate with your images.

Awesome Screenshot chrome extensions

9. Lastpass Chrome Extension
LastPass extension works as a password manager which saves passwords of your different accounts. It provides security from every computer and every mobile device. It is an award-winning extension. Besides Chrome, it is available for many browsers like Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer etc. To save your passwords, at first, you have to open an account with user name and password to the Lastpass. Then you can save your other user name and passwords to the Laspass account. By saving passwords, it will help you to log in any site automatically. You also can save any kind of data that you need to keep secure. You can edit, delete, organize or view your passwords anytime you want. Briefly it can be said that it is a well-organized and reliable place to keep your important data.

Lastpass Chrome Extension

10. Adblock Chrome Extension
Adblock Chrome extension is a popular extension which blocks unwanted and disturbing ads. It uses over 40 million people all over the world. It blocks ads at everywhere like Facebook, YouTube, Dailymotion etc. Once you install it in your Chrome browser, it blocks ads automatically. You can customize ads according to your choice. If you want to watch some certain ads, you can do it. Again, you also can block all ads by default. But unobtrusive ads cannot be blocked in order to support websites. Ad-block extension is also available for iPhone, Opera and Safari. By blocking ads, it also makes your browser fast.

Adblock Chrome Extension

11. SEOquake Google Chrome Extension
SEOquake is a free Google Chrome Extension that provides you with key SEO metrics. It also includes other useful tools such as SEO Audit and many. For Search Engine Optimizers, it is the most useful extension. This extension makes SEO easier. It helps to conduct SEO Audit in flash. You can examine internal and external links and compare domains and URLs in real time through this extension. SEOquake also helps to export all data into a file. It allows you to get a thorough analysis of SERPs and export the results in CSV format. You can estimate keyword difficulty instantly. SEOquake Extension also helps to get detailed reports for a certain page you are analyzing. It is compatible with many browser extensions and always stays updated.

SEOquake Google Chrome Extension

12. Who.is Lookup chrome extension
Who.is Lookup is an extension which helps to lookup a domains Registrar Info, Important Dates, Name Servers & Raw Registrar Data. It has made easy getting thorough information of any domains. This extension very useful for online marketer and both beginners and experts of SEO. Installation process is very easy like other extensions. You just have to add the extension in your browser. Then you have to go to that certain browser whose information you want and click who.is button from browser toolbar. Finally, you will get your expected result.

Who.is Lookup chrome extension

13. Note Anywhere Chrome Extension
Note Anywhere is an extension which allows you to make notes on any web page in any condition. After installation of this extension in your browser, the note bar get loaded automatically and you can save notes too. Saved notes can be shown anytime, no sooner had you enter the page where you saved the notes before. Old versions of Note Anywhere are not so good. In the new version, many features have been added. You can resize the note bar, import and export the notes, sync notes between different computers and you also can share your notes with others in the new version of this extension.

Note Anywhere Chrome Extension

14. SEO SERP Chrome Extension
SEO SERP chrome extension by which you can check the ranking of any website. It is a very quick and easy way to check ranking. Installation process is same like other extensions. It is a very effective extension for Search Engine optimizers. A Search Engine optimizers always want their website will be at the top ranking. They do lots of hard work to bring their sites in SERPs. It they use SEO SERP extension, their journey will be easier and comfortable.

SEO SERP Chrome Extension

15. Goo.gl URL Shortener chrome extension
Goo.gl URL shortener is an extension through which you can shorten the website URL by the Google URL Shortener service and share with different services. It is very helpful for Search Engine Optimizers. Because shortening URL is a very important factor to improve the ranking of websites. Goo.gl URL Shortener helps you to know where your clicks are coming from. It also helps you to understand and visualize the audience. It includes Official goo.gl API support and Official goo.gl history/dashboard support. After adding it in your browser you can open it at any time with clicking on Goo.gl URL shortener button from toolbar or with keyboard shortcuts. You can customize it according to your wish. This extension also works in incognito mode of your browser. You can share your shortened URLs with your default mail clients and many different services like Facebook, Gmail, Google Bookmarks, Google+ and many more. It doesn’t access to your private data.

Goo.gl URL Shortener chrome extension

16. StayFocusd Chrome Extension
StayFocusd Chrome Extension helps you blocking disturbing sites from your browser and take proactive approach. It helps to improve your productivity by limiting the amount of time that you spend on unnecessary sites. StayFocusd allows you to create a black list of different unnecessary sites. When you start your work, you can block the time-wasting sites for certain times. After those certain times, you will be able to watch the sites which you blocked. Settings option of this extension is very flexible and comfortable. You will be able to configure sites and times very precisely. It is a great extension to prevent mind detraction from work.

StayFocusd Chrome Extension


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