23 Off page link building Checklist in 2017

Off Page SEO is the techniques what will help you to get better SERP on Google and Another search engine. Off page SEO is really helpful to increase ranking position day by day. There are many more ways to achieve backlinks for your website. Here is some off-page link building strategy or sample what is effective for every blog or money site. Off page SEO or Off page link building is the best way to get better rank on Google.

off page SEO checklist

Benefits of off page SEO
To get a good website, Search Engine considers so many things, Backlinks are one of them. As off page SEO promotes your website to other websites and gives a good number of backlinks. That is the great source to increase traffic to your website. By following off page SEO methods, you can improve your website ranking within very short period.

In off page SEO method help you to generate more backlinks. The more references increase, the more you will get visitors. More visitors produce more references which give lots of traffic to website. So you can say off page SEO is a never ending process.
Other hand, off page SEO is a broad but easy process to improve the position of your website. Anyone can do off page SEO very easily.

Off page SEO techniques will help you to increasing traffic to main websites. It also helps to improve search engine rankings with major keywords.

Off page SEO Checklists
Here is some Off-page SEO checklist that must help you to get better ranking position on Google. Before doing off page link building job you have to make sure the link building source must have good authority. These strategies are introduced below:

1. Web 2.0 link building
Web 2.0 Link Building is an initial step of off page SEO. Though now-a-days it has some harmful effects, good and effective link building will be helpful for promoting your site. To get effective 10 web 2.0 links that will give you better rank on Google. There are lots of places that allow creating blog. At first you need to choose an effective platform for you. Setting up an account on your selected platform you have to select an URL. Then content has to be added to your blog. After adding content, you should optimize and schedule your content. Lastly if you want, you may increase authority of your blog. Increasing authority to your blog can be a good way to increase the value of the link you built to your site

2. Broken Link Building
Broken links are invalid or dead links which doesn’t work. Broken link building is the process of finding these broken links and makes them workable or valid replacing by correct links. If you build the broken link perfectly or strategically, it may be the most effective way to promote your sites.

3. Guest posting
Guest posting is one of the great strategies of link building. It is the process through which you may post your link as a guest on other sites. Links which you get from quality guest posting sites is a white hat SEO tactic. There is no risk in guest posting to penalize your site.

4. Interlinking
Interlinking is the strategy of linking of different pages of same domains. Internal links are very easy and fast to create. They increase the page authority which helps to pass SEO authority among your pages on your sites. Internal links also help to get SEO value which is obviously a positive side to improve the ranking of your site in search engine.

5. YouTube Video Promotion
YouTube has been very popular place now-a-days. It is the second biggest search engine. So you may promote your site creating a video about your site and uploading it in YouTube. You also get back-link of your website in description box. Make sure your your YouTube video got more unique views from others. People who get interested to your site after watching your videos may visit your website. YouTube link building is really effective ways to get better ranking position on Google. For your YouTube videos or channel you could make back-link from multiple source like web 2.0 sites, profile link building sites, blog commenting, audio link building, image sharing link building, etc. Go to Google and search YouTube SEO strategy you will much more source.

6. Podcast Submission
Podcast submission is one of the latest and effective SEO techniques. It increases website traffic and creates quality links. Podcast is series of audio and video files in internet. So you may create a podcast of your site and submit your podcast to the different place. During optimizing your podcast, it will be helpful to add relevant keywords in your podcast feed.

7. Quora For Link Building
Quora is the question answering website where you can ask any question and other people will give you the answer. That is very popular link building strategy and you will get better conversion rate from them. You need to have a descriptive Quora profile where you have to add your blogs and website. Staying active regularly in Quora you may know how to get a good result for your website.

8. Social Media Engagement
Social Medias are very important for off page SEO. Though Google announced that Social Medias factors are not considered in Google Search Engine, it still crawls and follows them. So you should share your site in Social Medias like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and other places. Except Google other Search engines such as Bing counts Social Medias as a ranking factor. To be honest, Social media plays vital role to get better SERP on Google.

9. Image sharing
Image sharing is another effective technique to gain better SERP. You may create images of your website and share it in the different image sharing sites. There are lots of image sharing websites. While you share image, you should add description with the images which is called Alt text. When Google crawls any image of your sites, it also checks the description of it.

10. Document Sharing
Document sharing is a great strategy for off page SEO. There are different kinds of documents like Word, Power Point, PDF, White papers, Case Studies etc. You can submit any kind of documents in the internet. There are lots of document sharing websites. All of them SlideShare, Issuu ,Scribd etc. You can also promote your website by sharing documents on Google Drive and Dropbox.

11. Google AdWords
Google AdWords mainly is an online advertising service provider which is operated by Google. Through Google AdWords, advertisers show their advertising to web users. This is a very popular way to drive people who are interested to your website. Advertisers have to pay for per click. It can be expensive, if it isn’t controlled effectively and carefully.

12. Google Plus Page Verification and Engagement
Google Plus is a popular social media platform which is developed by Google. Opening an account on Google Plus can be a blessing for Search Engine Optimizer. As it is operated by Google team, it must have some significant effects on increasing traffic in Google. If Google plus page is verified, it will add an extra value and reliability to your web page.

13. Local Listings for Local Website
A local listing for local website is a profile which is published in online and contains your website information, motto, name, phone number, address, and other details. There are lots of websites like Google+ Local, Yelp, Bing Places, Yellow Pages, Yahoo! Local etc. on which local website owners can create free local listings. Honestly local listings sites link building are very important for SEO.

14. Forum Posting and Engagement
Forum posting is a very popular technique to build link of any website. Forum is one kind community where many people of same interests discuss about many topics, problems, business strategies etc. This is a broad platform to let people know about your website. You can increase ranking of your website by sharing backlinks in different forum.

15. Social Bookmarking
Social bookmarking is a way to save, organize different webpages to the different website so that users or public can enter those pages anytime easily. There are lots of sites for social bookmarking like Reddit, Stumbleupon, Scoop.it, Delicious etc. When you save your web pages to the popular social bookmarking sites, you will notice a heavy traffic on your website.

16. Blog Commenting
Blog commenting is an action which is taken by the bloggers. By blog commenting viewers, readers and bloggers discuss about many topic on the base of their writing. Blog commenting is incredibly easy strategy to rank webpages. It helps to get backlinks on your website and to attain traffic on your blog. You can make your backlinks graph grow by effective Blog commenting strategy.

17. Niche Directories Submission
Niche directories are those web directories that focus on same subject. As search engine gives more importance on topic related backlinks, it will be helpful to submit your website to all the directories in your niche. It also allows getting targeted visitors in your website. There are lots of Niche directories submission site which will help you to submit your directories.

18. Press Releases Submission Free and Paid
Press releases submission can be considered as search engine ranking factors. Sometimes they provide good opportunities to highlight your websites. As now-a-days press releases don’t carry the authoritative weight like before, there has a risk to be questionable of your news. But if you maintain a high quality and authoritative weight it can be a great SEO strategy.

19. Backlinks from Interviews
Back linking from Interviews is one of the most overlooked and less used link building strategies. You can get interviewed on different sources like podcasts, blogs, news sites, and in other publications. It is a straightforward strategy to build natural backlinks. If you can build backlinks from interviews strategically, it will also give a good result.

20. Infographic submission
Infographics are graphical representation of some data which depict some information. It is the most recent and effective strategy for off page SEO. It is used through social media. You can create an outstanding infographic from quality graphics and informative date which will help you to build links.

21. Local Newspapers Link Building
Newspaper can be a good technique for search engine optimization. Most of the people read online newspaper and know about different news. There are lots of newspapers in the internet. For search engine optimization local newspapers will be more effective to build link.

22. Sponsorship
Sponsorship is another link building strategy. If you sponsor WordPress themes or templates you will get links which is helpful for search engine optimization. To get a good result, themes should be highly oriented and impressive. You also can sponsor creating apps or plug ins which can be great factors for improving ranking.

23. Profile Building and Engagement
Creating profile on different sites in the internet is the way to prove your strong existence and high activities. It expands your reach and increases visitors of your site. The more you will create profiles on different sites, the more your websites will be popular.


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